Sailing around Miami

Each winter, Biscayne Bay is a haven for sailors from all over the world who come to take advantage of the fair breezes, moderate temperatures and beautiful waters.

Why sail? Beauty, and nostalgia are some answers you may get. If you have never sailed you may not understand the enticement, but most people pause… look, and feel something deep within them stirring when they see a vessel under full sail gliding silently along. To sail is not just to move, but to almost fly, with nothing more complicated than a sail. It makes economic sense to convert the power of the wind into motion.

We all had a playroom growing up. it was called "outside".

Sailing on Biscayne Bay LLC was founded on April 2012 by Luis and Mabel Niño. The results were very rewarding, we give our guests the opportunity to experience this kind of relaxation and enjoyment, some even say that this is the best therapy anyone can have!.

The ocean puts millions of negative ions into the air. Get charged! Negatives ions help release stress and make you feel healthier. Read this article

Luis Niño has an OUPV/Six-pack Captain’s License and has been sailing and sharing his joy and experience of sailing, for over 25 years. He loves to bring the wonderful world of the sea to others. His experience has taken him to many adventures all around Florida, from Tampa to St. Augustine and from the Florida Keys to the Bahamas, last trip was from Chesapeake bay to Miami.

Before becoming a captain, he was in the stressful digital printing business. Sailing and working as a Captain on his own sailboat, definitely has a different atmosphere, instead of looking at a computer screen all day, he looks at the ocean, enjoys and shares with his guests a different look… an embracement full of peace and tranquility.

Captain Luis Niño, his wife Mabel, First Mate and Photographer, Mabel, and their vessel, Quitasueño, can be found in the beautiful Coconut Grove area of Miami.

We invite you to come aboard and experience a great sailing trip!

“The need to sail, the desire to connect to the wind and water, to achieve that Feng Shui Harmony, Yin Yang balance, without the noise & pollution of man-made propulsion is, even if not seen/recognized as such, a calling of the Spirit, the desire to be one with our God”. — by Ray Grigg